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Welcome to Tovar  Marketing

Affordable, effective, contemporary, website and logo design, branding, and resources for any small business in the USA!

Today's business requires a great website. We are here to help every step of the way with over 20 years of expertise in design and website building. We use state of the art web and search engine optimization (SEO) tools to ensure your business succeeds online and helps you attract customers 24/7/365.

To make the process even easier for you, we will design a FREE website demo within a few days and you get a no-obligation look at the possibilities we bring to your business. Let us build you a beautiful, budget friendly and effective small business website within 5-7 business days. 

We also design company logos, help with your social media, design and create uniforms, t-shirts, and hoodies. Plus, we even have HR resources like background checks and investigations at very reasonable prices to fit your needs.  Call us today for more information.
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✓ Elegant, Modern, Professional Website Design

Reliable and Secure Site Hosting and Management

✓ Optimized for ALL Devices and Platforms

✓ Search Engine Optimization and Registration Included

✓ SSL Certificate Included

✓ Friendly, Reliable, On-Going Support

✓ Social Media Tagging Included

✓ E-Commerce Platform Included*

✓ Payment Processing Integration Included

✓ Reputation Management Tool Option Available

✓ Logo Creation Options Available

✓ Go Live in 5-7 business days!


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A Little About Us

We're a family owned, small business with a passion for web design and helping small businesses get online quickly and affordably. Don't spend more time and money than you need to on a new website or re-design for your business. We have the latest technology, the best prices, and superior customer service.

We also design graphics for apparel and company logos. Plus, we even help with background checks for new hires and investigations for theft issues, and even set up full camera security systems to help protect you and your assets.

We're eager to help your business succeed. Let's work together!

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Over 23 years of industry experience!
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 What Our Clients Have to Say


"Getting our website launched was much easier and faster than we thought it would be. It was effortless and it looks so much better than my competition."

- Kim H.


"Our new website gets our business on the first page of Google and brings in new customers every day. We couldn't be happier with the quality of work and the level of service we receive."

- Pete S.


"I'm so glad I gave up trying to build a website myself and hired you guys - and now that I can accept reviews from my customers through it, our online reputation has hit 4.75 stars!"

- Steve M.
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